St Benet's Catholic Primary School

Collective Worship - Gospel Values and British Values


The Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Development of pupils is important to us and one way in which we foster this is by promoting our ‘Gospel Values’ alongside our British Values.   Our policies, procedures and daily teaching are underpinned by these values.

Our weekly Gospel assembly, whole school, key stage and class collective worship are based around the Gospel Values, which forms an important focus in the daily life of our school.

Courage, creativity, thankfulness, responsibility, compassion, peace, service, justice, trust, hope, love, forgiveness, friendship, humility, generosity and reverence and respect.

As well as actively promoting Gospel and British values, the opposite also applies: we would actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental Gospel and British values, including ‘extremist’ views.  

Click on the link below to our Autumn Term Collective Worship resources. 

Autumn Term, Block 1

Autumn Term, Block 2

Autumn Term, Block 3

 Click on the link below to our Spring Term Collective Worship resources.

Spring Term Block 1

Spring Term Block 2

Click on the link below to our Summer Term Collective Worship resources.

Summer Term Block 1

Summer Term Block 2