St Benet's Catholic Primary School



Our Day


8.50am      Whistle Blows

9.00am      Registration

10.30am    Morning Break

10.45am    End of Morning Break

12.00pm    Lunch 

1.00pm      Afternoon session begins

3.15pm      End of School      



Our curriculum is founded in an enquiry based approach based around key concepts that are revisited across the year groups.

We believe that choosing the right context to engage our children in their learning is vital in fostering a love of learning and also maintaining our high standards.

See more around the content on the class pages.

Why take an enquiry based approach to learning?

  • It is planned around the distinctive needs the children.
  • It promotes curiosity.
  • It has a clear outcome, designed to raise standards.
  • It gives a real context for the application of basic skills.
  • It allows writing to be meaningfully embedded.
  • It is interesting for the teacher as well as the children.
  • It integrates empowering learning (learn to learn).
  • It is underpinned by leading research about quality learning and brain-based learning.

Curriculum Class Maps

We operate on a two year curriculum cycle. Please see below for Cycle A:

Class 2 Cycle A

Class 3 Cycle A

Class 4 Cycle A


For further information on our curriculum please contact the school via