St Benet's Catholic Primary School

Class Two

Welcome to Class Two.  In Class Two, we love to explore and investigate.  We use A LOT of books to learn about new ideas and we love to share stories with each other.

We always work hard and use our J.O.N.K. characters to help us grow and develop.  We are reflective, resilient, creative, curious, resourceful and collaborative.


This term in class 2 we are learning all about our family history and sequencing key points within our lives. In Science, we are looking at different materials and how we can change their shape by squashing, twisting, bending and pulling. We are also going to be exploring which materials are absorbent and why these can be useful in everyday life. In Religious Education we are looking at God's creation plan and how it is important that we look after the world that he has created. We also created our own natural artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.
We are writing the story of Pinocchio in English. We are looking at key vocabulary which makes a story more interesting and how fairy tales are structured as well as their features. In maths, year 1 have been sequencing numbers and Year 2 are looking at making numbers using different resources and partitioning them in various ways. 
I am so pleased how well the children have adapted to coming back to school. They are enthusiastic, excited and really trying hard to concentrate on every aspect of their learning. 
Please keep supporting your child at home this term by reading everyday and making sure children are speaking in full sentences and using the correct English. 
I know we will have a great term, well done for your hard work already Class 2!!!