St Benet's Catholic Primary School


Progress since the previous inspection

Area 1:

Improve the quality of teaching and thereby the progress and attainment for all groups of pupils


  • We have maintained and improved standards since 2018 through implementing a systematic approach to quality first teaching, assessment procedures that inform future planning and a robust monitoring schedule. All of which have been recognised by external support advisers our School Education Officer in Suffolk and Primary Improvement Lead in our MAT
  • We provide support for staff who needed some teaching development through coaching and ongoing professional development opportunities. The value we have placed on developing our staff has brought about a collegiate and reflective approach to improving our practice
  • Our live marking and feedback approach through editing stations and other editing tools to improve work such as whole class crib sheet for feedback, have had a real impact on the progress the children make. Modelling and specific individual feedback helps the children make sense of the learning journey they are on.
  • We have developed a well-balanced curriculum with clear intent and implementation which has had impact on the quality and quantity of work – lots of cross curricular links made, writing through other subjects such as science and history, improved presentation through a demand for beautiful work
  • We have built into our curriculum more enrichment opportunities for children, such as working with the Norfolk Broads trust, achieving our Artsmark award and ensuring all children learn an instrument from Year 3 onwards.
  • Our outcomes in attainment and progress in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 have improved overall, increase in the greater depth outcomes in are built on each year particularly in maths and reading
  • We take a mastery approach to maths throughout the school, which enables all children to feel challenged. Our retrieval practices fostered across other curriculum areas work on the development of long term memory for all children and we encourage children to think deeply and respond to enquiry questions
  • We have clear expectations for writing, reading and maths for each year group shared with staff and children – we firmly believe that the resources we use are authentic and challenge the children no matter their ability. We have placed high emphasis on the teaching of tiered vocabulary and the roots of words so that children can begin to make connections in their learning
  • We have dedicated reading for pleasure every day in every year group, dedicated reading teaching sessions and place a real focus on high quality texts that motivate children and open them to new cultures and experiences

Area 2:

Improve the quality of leadership and management


  • Governors have a monitoring schedule linked to the school development plan and suitable challenge us on the direction of our school
  • Regular book looks and extended book looks as a staff to ensure policies followed and standards maintained
  • We take a Disciplined Inquiry approach to subject leadership that enables leaders to really focus on the key areas of improvement, work with their colleagues through a peer coaching approach and give them release time to monitor the impact of their work
  • All subject leads have developed vision statements for their curriculum areas and ensure this feeds into the overall curriculum planning
  • Teachers professional development is fostered and opportunities to watch good practice given, strong emphasis on subject knowledge development and accessing external expertise so that they can be reflective practitioners
  • Attendance has improved a lot since the last inspection– letters are sent home to parents and meetings are arranged for support where needed
  • The leadership team has a systematic understanding of what needs to be done and is honest in their evaluations. The vision they have is shared with all stakeholders and everyone has a good understanding of the role they have in the driving school improvement
  • The Executive Head is involved in supporting other MAT schools and schools outside the MAT through work with the Norwich Research School.
  • The leadership team is focused on staff wellbeing and has wholeheartedly sought to strip back unnecessary processes, promotes a less work but at greater depth philosophy
  • During lockdown, the school was recognised by governors and parents for the extra mile they took to support families, pastoral support was given each week by the support staff through phone calls home and the quality of remote learning was very good
  • The leadership team have striven to improve the fabric of the building, the standards of display and new library have all brought a sense of pride for all
  • Safeguarding is a real strength of the school, cases of bullying are rare but when reported are dealt with swiftly and through our restorative approach and growth mindset work behaviour in school is good and incidents of negative behaviour are very rare. We have had no fixed term exclusions in the last academic year.



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